5 Best Touchless Dispensers for Your Workplace

Germs can live on surfaces for hours, even days! Why take any chances? Although sanitation is a standard practice in your workplace, extra precautions are necessary due to COVID-19 and other various viruses. Protecting your employees from cross-contamination is essential as we return to the workplace. Not only in an effort to protect your business, but also your employees (and their loved ones as well!) 

All high-touch areas are prime places for cross contamination; light switches, door handles, sinks and restrooms. It’s safe to assume these areas are cleaned frequently - but is this enough? A wiser long-term solution would be to install touchless dispensers and devices, essentially removing high-touch areas and surfaces. Then add hand sanitizer dispensers in all high-traffic areas. Now, relax - we’ve got you covered


Help reduce germs from spreading with our top 5 easy-to-install devices

  1. Touchless Flush Valves for Toilets - Did you know restrooms are often the highest sources of bacteria in a workplace? Toilet handles are the first point of contamination, so start making changes by switching to touchless flush valves and benefit your whole operation.
  2. Touchless Sink Faucets - Sink faucets are often overlooked as a point of contamination since this is where you wash your hands. However, sinks are shared by everyone! Hands contain the highest bacteria content after using a toilet but before being washed. Germs and other contaminants will linger on the water valve. Touchless sink faucets eliminate this touch point all together.
  3. Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers -These touchless soap dispensers pair well with the touchless sink faucets. For all the same reasons, the soap dispenser can be just as contaminated as the sink valves. 
  4. Touchless Paper Towel Dispensers - The final piece to the touchless restroom experience. Keep this process seamless - from toilet to soap to sink and last but not least: hand drying. Highly suggested for kitchen sinks too!  
  5. Touchless Sanitizer Stands - When placed in high-traffic areas and entrances, you can ensure your staff have clean hands before returning to work. Whether they are operated by foot pedals batteries or AC adaptors, touchless sanitizer stands are a must for your facility! 

Even with your best effort of wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, you team will still need to use the restroom. We hope these suggestions persuade you to make these changes now, why wait? Controlling contamination points and limiting exposure is the surest way to keep everyone safe!