A clean environment is essential to food safety  and plant safety, but what exactly does that mean? Is a clean plant or food preparation area all about choosing the right cleaning supplies and sanitation procedures, or is there more to it than that? Good janitorial supplies are important, but what you really need is sanitation and safety program that relies on zone cleaning to avoid cross-contamination. Here are just a few reasons why.

What is Zone Cleaning for Food Safety, and Why Does It Work?

Zone cleaning when it comes to food safety is exactly as its name implies. Different areas of a plant, restaurant, or any place that specializes in food preparation or packaging have their own individual issues that need to be addressed. They require their own janitorial supplies and sanitation procedures, many of which cannot be applied to other areas. Some of the sanitation supplies that can be used in one zone could prove to be toxic if they come into contact with food products, so a region that is completely sanitized may not exactly be "clean."

Ideally, you will want to have different personnel handle each zone when you clean a facility, but this may not be economically feasible for smaller plants. It may be necessary to hire a janitorial staff of workers who are cross-trained to use various sanitation supplies and posess a broader experience with plant safety to handle multiple zones. If you must do this, you still need to rely on specialized janitorial supplies and equipment for each zone.

Food safety and the risk of cross contamination may be the biggest reasons for zone cleaning, but another reason is because it makes cleaning a large plant that much easier and more efficient. If you have a large enough staff, you can clean every zone at the same time. You still need to pay for the cleaning supplies and the personnel, but the job will be done that much more easily and efficiently plus you'll increase food production safety with a zoned approach. In the end, you're still saving money.

The Best Janitorial Supplies Help, But Your Staff and Training are Most Important

No matter how you choose to keep a facility clean and safe, the most important factor is that your staff is well-trained and all of your sanitation supplies are kept stocked and in good order. Food safety is crucial when you're preparing any kind of edible product, so take the time to keep your facility safe and sanitary with the proper equipment and a program that works. 

Whether you're in need of a one-time purchase of plant safety equipment or janitorial supplies or you need a continuous source for all your food production safety and sanitation supplies Techniclean has the PPE, cleaning, janitorial, instruments, and equipment that you need to maintain a safe and productive facility.